Today Cinematique instruments released a very interesting Kontakt Library called ‘Clap Trak’.

The instrument consists of three banks of clapping samples combined with a 16 step sequencer to quickly put togeather your clapping grooves from right within Kontakt.

The samples are recorded in 8 velocity layers with 6!!! round robin variations, This has got to be one of the most extensive clapping libraries put together.

Clapping Kontakt Instrument

How it works:

1. Reset the track
2. Activates the “Continuous Random Pattern”
3. Fader to set the velocity of each individual hand clap
4. Fader to set the length of each individual hand clap
5. Switches to select the sound bank
6. Buttons (arrows) to select the different clap sound
7. Knob to set the pitch level
8. 2 Separate knobs to control the amount of delay and reverb
9. Switch to select 3 different types of reverb
10. 3 switches to edit your sound:

- MOD: switch to activate a auto randomly wah EQ
- BIT: switch to activate lofi (7 bit/ 6 kHz)
- DIST: switch to activate distortion

11. Play and Stop button
12. Switch between Normal, Double or Half Time.
13. Shuffle knob to swing the notes. You´ve got three different levels of shuffle
14. Load and save buttons to save or recall the entire CLAP TRAK

Cinematique have again seen a gap in the market and filled it with a fantastic sounding product. At the time of writing, Clap Track is selling on the companies website for 22 Euros excluding VAT.

Check out the demos and grab your copy here!

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