Vienna Symphonic Library have today released a maintenance upgrade for their Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 software.

The upgrade addresses several bugs and instablities and is available as a free download to all VEP 5 customers.

VE PRO 5.0.10309

Note: Projects saved with this version of Vienna Ensemble PRO will not open with older versions of Vienna Ensemble PRO.

  • Fixed incorrect time synchronization from Server Interface RTAS
  • Fixed VST/AU compatibility loading of Vienna Suite Powerpan plug-in
  • Fixed Instrument dock window appearing empty in some cases
  • Fixed hanging notes and missing events when bypassing Event Input plug-in
  • Fixed Input plug-ins all muting when a single one is bypassed
  • Fixed crashes when closing a project
  • Fixed possibly incorrect automation mapping behavior
  • Fixed crashes when loading channel (pre)sets
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior of channel and send output menus
  • Fixed crashes when merging projects
  • Fixed rare crashes when loading a project from master host
  • Added option to disable showing of channel editor upon clicking its channel strip
  • Added latency display in samples and ms to Server Interface plug-in
  • Overhaul of internal file format, for better maintainability
  • Added ability to have no output for channels/sends
  • OSX: Fixed hanging dialogs possibly occurring during AU scan
  • OSX: Fixed incorrect time synchronization from Server Interface AU
  • OSX: Fixed artifacts when stopping transport in Logic in some cases
  • OSX: Fixed Audio Input plug-in synchronization issues in Logic
  • OSX: Fixed Kontakt hanging dialog when loading channel (pre)sets
  • OSX: Fixed Carbon AU views disappearing on certain events
  • OSX: Improved resizing behavior of Cocoa AU views
  • OSX: Fixed crash when deleting Play 3 AU
  • OSX: Fixed crash when deleting Camel Audio AU’s
  • OSX: Fixed a lot of hanging notes when using the Logic Multiport Environment

    Unfortunately we have to confirm that Logic will drop MIDI events internally when using the Environment, which is unfortunately something we are unable to work around.
    Of course we have informed the Apple developers about this bug.
    Should you experience such issues, feel free to contact Apple support directly.

  • WIN: Added separate setting for 32-bit and 64-bit VST folders

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  • Fixed superfluous MIR PRO restart message sometimes appearing when closing preferences
  • Fixed MIR PRO output format description not showing for custom presets
  • Fixed MIR PRO Room EQ not updating properly for all Room Tone channels
  • Fixed MIR PRO Room Tone decoding issue with mismatched output format
  • Only show MIR PRO hotspots when actually moving an instrument icon (not when just selecting it)

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