A new free update is available for users of NI guitar rig, Version 5.1 is out today and available as a free upgrade to all eligible users through the NI service center.

This update adds the following new features and fixes:

  1. Mid/Side Splitter: Split the signal into mid and side channels for a whole new approach to stereo processing.
  2. Global Sidechain: This global component applies sidechaining to the whole signal chain. Essential for frequency-specific compression and more.
  3. Favorites Tab: Fast access to the components you use most. This new tab automatically groups the components and presets you use regularly.
  4. New Demo Mode: Just drag the effect you want to try into your rack and take it for a spin. No re-starting, no need to change modes.

I believe this update also affects the window size bug for users with multiple screen configurations. Not tested it yet but I know the NI devs were aware of this blog as early as 3 months ago so i’d think it was fixed now.

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